Freudian aspects of modern American culture, and a bridge to Freud's insistence that happiness is the purpose of our lives, as revealed by our behaviour
Opening back onto the critique of society in psychoanalytic social theory, one semi-automatic brain dump at a time
What then can we make of this fifteen-year set of transformations? How might we distil the key factors, moments, and waypoints, with a decade and a half…
Suburban Corporate-isation, proletarianization, precarity: 2015-2021.
Transition and interstice, 2011-14: the emergence of the sessional and the school manager and the abdication of the professoriate, demand-driven system…
Sandstone, ‘06-‘14: from pencils, paper, profs, and tutors to email, spreadsheets, sessionals and school managers
during March and April, Chris invited me to have a free-flowing conversation about technology, and living together somehow
on losing one's mojo for no good reason....
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living together, somehow