What is PC attempting? Why sign up for this?!

In writing Living Together, Somehow, I’m attempting something more like an ‘old school’ blog: posts are ‘live’ thinking-by-writing, published Tuesdays (and sometimes Fridays), about thoughts, feelings and concepts I’m developing, yet that are still under development. It’s broadly about contemporary society and its discontents, and uses the resources of social and critical theory and classical sociology to guide assumptions and build concepts.

I try to let my unconscious guide the selection of topics and let posts individuate according to their own differentiations – then I hit publish, ideally before I feel quite ready. In this post, I tried to explain my motivations for this.

Due to my generationally-strange scruples, I eschew the main social media platforms. I also dislike self promoting and ‘personal brand’, alongside the idea that the biggest possible audience is the best possible audience. I’m also not seeking to monetise this work for my own benefit.

What I’d really love to do is build a quality audience of a few hundred people who appreciate what I’m doing for its own sake, as an idiosyncratic art, then practise this art with you.

If you sign up, this is all you get and all that’s expected; if you love it, consider sharing it with a person who might feel likewise.

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This is a blog about the political present, as well as a practice of thinking by writing. The task is to wake and write until it's time to hit publish. What comes out is wherever it goes. Writing as a process of disciplined letting.