practised understandings of freedom
a few re-posts here on the anniversary
a slightly edited transcript of a video I made for my students in April 2021, just before the second year's worth of lockdowns hit and smashed us...
In the published version of this text here I’ve changed the names of the building and removed the name of the institution to draw attention away from…
getting to the beginning by clearing out some half worked-out thoughts on capitalism and commitment in society now
a piece from August 2020, re-published in August 2022
some notes on Book Week and the intersection of gender, structure, and constrained (but real) agency in some local families (with inspo from Gorz, Nancy…
Opening back onto the critique of society in psychoanalytic social theory, one semi-automatic brain dump at a time
on losing one's mojo for no good reason....
Religion, Rolland, the Oceanic Feeling, and the constrained diversity of our responses to Gaugin's questions
Freudian aspects of modern American culture, and a bridge to Freud's insistence that happiness is the purpose of our lives, as revealed by our behaviour
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