Aug 29 • 1HR 7M

In conversation with Pete Chambers, August 2023

Imperfect world

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Christopher Hobson
’Imperfect world’ is a series of conversations exploring exploring where politics, society, and technology meet. Hosted by Japan-based scholar, Dr Christopher Hobson.
our latest conversation. We have finally sorted out our audio situation, making this one easy on the ears. This was a spontaneous conversation where we managed to bounce off some of our shared and personal points of resonance in 2023: it's also a soft framing for some upcoming episodes we have with guests, which we're very excited about. -

In conversation again with Pete Chambers. With this episode we have moved to a new recording setup and the audio quality is much better as a result. Thanks for the feedback from listeners and to our producer, Peter Van Hoesen, for his guidance.

Our starting point is the extreme weather that has marked this year’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere. From there, we discuss how we are individually and collectively (mis)understanding climate change, some of the consequences that come from the responses we are pursuing - notably the emphasis on electric vehicles - as well as the enduring challenge of individual agency in the context of massive systemic forces. How we can better comprehend the profoundly uneven and odd historical moment we find ourselves in? How can we live and act in such conditions? These are some of the questions our conversation circles around.

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Thanks for engaging. For the next episode, we’ll be inviting our first guest to help us think through the material realities of global supply chains.